Provides that the purpose of the Act is to regulate the protection, control, possession, and propagation of herptiles in this State. Reinserts the definition of “herpetoculture” and inserts the definitions “hybrid”, “intergrade”, “morphological variation”, and “propagation” into the Act. Modifies other definitions. Replaces the term “reptile or amphibian life” with “herptile” throughout the Act. Modifies the possession limits of herptiles. Sets forth provisions relating to the propagation of herptiles and the issuance of a Herptile Endangered and Threatened Species Propagation permit. Modifies other provisions relating to permits. Makes changes to provisions regarding the taking of turtles or bullfrogs. Modifies provisions concerning alligator snapping turtles, crocodilians, monitor lizards, and certain toad species. Inserts a new Article relating to herptile diseases into the Act. Prohibits the possession of herptiles for commercial purposes unless otherwise authorized under the Act. Modifies liability provisions relating to the possession of a herptile. Changes provisions relating to violations, penalties, and enforcement of the Act. Inserts civil and criminal accountability provisions regarding a person who aids or contributes to a violation of the Act or administrative rule. Makes other changes. Amends the Illinois Endangered Species Act. Removes language in the Act referring to certain permitting provisions for endangered and threatened amphibians and reptiles in the Herptiles-Herps Act.