Amends the Housing Authorities Act. In provisions concerning the duties of a Housing Authority concerning rentals and tenant selection, provides that a Housing Authority shall not restrict any tenant from owning or maintaining one or more common household pets regardless of breed, size, or weight, within the tenant’s dwelling unit. Amends the Illinois Affordable Housing Act. Provides that a tenant of multifamily rental housing acquired, constructed, or rehabilitated with any money from the Illinois Affordable Housing Trust Fund that was designated for affordable housing for low and very low-income families shall be allowed to keep no more than 4 cats or 3 dogs regardless of breed, size, or weight within the tenant’s residence in accordance with any applicable laws. Exempts service animals or service animals in training from the provisions of the amendatory Act. Exempts any dog that has been deemed a dangerous or vicious dog from the provisions of the amendatory Act. Sets forth enforcement policies for affordable housing projects that allow residents to keep pets. Effective immediately.